Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Walk-off home runs

...and, sometimes, walk-off with t-shirts. Or, at least try...

CS: M Leake (1, t-shirts by Macy's/Cincinnati PD).

I don't think anyone will mistake Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mike Leake with Winona Ryder or Lindsay Lohan, but here's another case of someone arrested for theft while making a salary that most of us would run naked through a swarm of bees while covered in honey to make...

...or, is that just me? Never mind.

In any case, Leake pitched well enough as a rookie in 2010 that one would think, "Okay, this guy could carve out a number of years in the majors and make a good amount of long as he doesn't run around like a klepto stealing cheap t-shirts before games."

The real question in this is; why didn't Dusty Baker send in Francisco Cordero after Leake got arrested? I mean, this was a save opportunity, right? Typical bullpen mismanagement by Dusty.

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