Sunday, June 26, 2011


First of all, Matt Cain's pitching has been a thing of beauty in June.

(yes, I'm ignoring the June 14th game at Arizona, mostly because I feel like it)

Second of all, good God is it hard to watch this team hit. Or, I should say, watch their plate appearances, since "hit" is a term loosely used with this club.

I retain the impression that certain players are very, very due to heat up -- whether it's Pablo Sandoval settling in after coming back from injury, Andres Torres going on one of his extra-base hit binges, or Aubrey Huff simply being competent for a stretch -- but mostly it's because this is by far the worst hitting team I've ever watched.

The worst team OPS by a Giants team in the last 10 years is .699, and the 2011 Giants are at .658. I guess it's of small consolation that there are several teams that are in that vicinity in the NL, but of those, only the Pittsburgh Pirates are in contention.

(did I just say that? Pirates in contention?)

So, if for no other reason, I'm thinking the Giants are going to score more consistently soon, basically because it's actually pretty difficult to be this horrible at the plate over an entire season.

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