Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Double headed

It is so, so difficult to know what to expect from the Giants.

If you look at simple things, you might think that this would be a great opportunity for the Giants to sweep their double-header against the Chicago Cubs today and run their winning streak to seven in a row, gaining at least another 1/2 game on the Arizona Diamondbacks, possibly 1.5 games.

The Cubs aren't very good -- their offense is competent, but their pitching is horrible. Their best starter, Carlos Zambrano, isn't making an appearance today...however, two poor starting pitchers are.

And well, that's the issue with thinking too positively. When the Giants face a team with horrible pitching, rather than the Giants licking their chops, it's the opposing pitchers thinking, "Well, if I can shut down anybody, it ought to be these guys."

But if for no other reason, it's a chance to see Ryan Vogelsong try to extend his dominant streak, and Barry Zito trying to establish himself in his first major league start after coming off the DL.

And, who knows? Maybe the Giants will mess around and score.


UPDATE: It's pretty hilarious that I wrote the above, forgot to publish it, and then peeked at the boxscore and saw the Giants have scored 11 runs in 5 innings.

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