Monday, June 13, 2011

Brian Wilson, purveyor of fine pitching

On April 25th, Brian Wilson had a 9.82 ERA -- the result of a few poor early-season outings, a bit of which could have been the result of him shaking off the last vestiges of the oblique injury he returned from on April 6th.

Since that time, he's given up one earned run in 22 appearances.

His WHIP isn't impressive at all at 1.37, and his strikeout rate is down. He's given up quite a few walks, too, which adds up to him having a k/bb ratio of 1.94, which again, isn't impressive.

So how is he doing it to this point? Well, the Beard might walk you, and you might even get a hit off of him. But you know what you're not doing? Getting an extra-base hit. Of the 127 plate apperances against Wilson, hitters have went 25-for-111 with...

Two doubles, zero triples, and zero home runs. Two doubles. I mean, heck, Jonathan Sanchez has four doubles this year by himself in 27 plate appearances.

He's not having as dominant a season as 2010, but he's still finding a way to get it done. This particular way won't last -- bad luck and law of averages will see to it somebody eventually touches him up for a few more doubles and a couple of home runs -- but B-Dub is still shutting them down.

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