Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Is Torres broken?

Well...I don't think so. But it's a sign of how poor he's been that I have any doubts at all.

I keep expecting Andres Torres to turn it around, but his June was brutal to the tune of a .567 OPS and a decided lack of pop when he did get a hit. What's a bit odd is that he struck out a ton in May and still had a decent month -- he cut down on the strikeouts quite a bit in June, and his numbers plunged.

What I'm worried most about are three things:
  1. His BABIP, which at .281 is going to be somewhere in the vicinity of league average, but for Torres to be the Torres we all know and love it's quite low. In 2010, his batting average on balls in play was .331 and in 2009, it was .347.
  2. His LD% is 13.6, which is low no matter how you cut it, league average usually being somewhere in the vicinity of 18%. This number being low would also explain...
  3. His very low (for Torres, anyway) IsoP of .134 -- Andres just isn't the extra-base hit machine he's been for almost two seasons worth of plate appearances.

Most everything else is in line for Torres -- he's seeing about the same number of pitches per plate appearance, his strikeout rate isn't particularly high, his walk rate is still very good, and his ground ball/fly ball ratio is around the same rate it was the last two seasons.

Those stats still being in the neighborhood of where we've grown accustomed to them being with Torres makes me believe he's just going through a horrendous slump, and he'll break back out at some point...which I dearly hope is very soon. The Giants don't really have a better option in CF, although I'm sure they'll continue to run Aaron Rowand out there like he's some sort of solution -- and Rowand will continue his feast-or-famine (mostly famine) ways at the plate. Torres will always be, of course, a better option defensively.